Buying a car abroad: Things to remember

Many people prefer to buy a car overseas because it is less expensive (sometimes even twice cheaper than the same model in your country) and the choice may be wider compared to the local auto market. There are some things you should know before buying a car abroad, including the need to ship car across country after it goes through customs, doing some paperwork, and the modifications this car might have. In this guide, we will cover the top general but very important aspects to take into account when deciding to buy a vehicle abroad and ship it to your place.

Key things for a good purchase

Even though the process of buying a car online without an ability to actually see it and notice all benefits and flaws can seem a complete mess, there are still some options to organize the process and make the right choice. You should start with these basic things:

Calculate costs

Even though the total cost of the car will be cheaper, you should take into account such expenses as VAT, import duty, and the shipping costs both to your country and then to your place (sometimes, across the whole country). All prices depend on the vehicle and the particular country`s regulations regarding purchase and shipping;

Choose the country

Less expensive cars can be found in Europe, especially in those countries where the US dollar is strong against foreign currency. Choosing a country, pay attention to its shipping and tax regulations as well as the extra fees that might arise;

Find the resource

You will probably see a lot of ads posted by dealerships and recommending good-looking inexpensive new and used cars with tax-free sales. These offers are tempting but often may appear not as great as at the picture. Make sure that the dealership is official, reliable and knows the peculiarities of shipping a vehicle to your country;

Choose a carrier

After you are done with the dealership, you need to pick a transportation company in the US to have your vehicle shipped to your place. You need to specify dates and time, give the contact person on the pickup location, and ask the driver to get the documents for you. If the carrier lets you down, you may have to pay extra fees for storage;

Taxes and warranties

You will have to pay taxes after the vehicle arrives in the US: if you register it before shipping, then you will need to pay extra taxes. Another important point is checking the manufacturer's warranty and the availability of the service in your country and city. Dealers usually know all the contacts and can provide you with necessary information;

Ask for special order

If you want a brand new car from the factory, ask for options. Of course, it may take a few months before you receive it, but you should agree that it's worth the time. Placing such an order, ask the dealer if they have a price-protection policy to keep the costs unchanged in case the price will go higher within a few months;

Take care of insurance

What is the insurance coverage you may ask for shipping overseas? What exactly does it cover? What if you don't like the vehicle once it's delivered? The answers should be clear beforehand;

Get a loan

The offers are similar no matter whether you buy a car in the US or overseas. Just shop around to get the best deal.