What's it all about?

GoYoung Team

The GoYoung Project is an educational tool and documentary film profiling young social entrepreneurs from around the world.

GoYoung is originally a project launched by three Belgian students who decided to travel the world to shoot a documentary on social entrepreneurs under 30 .

The GoYoung team had been gathering information on social entrepreneurship for years, through books (Passeurs d'espoir, A World without poverty, Building Social business, The Economics of Microfinance, 80 hommes pour changer le monde), conferences and contacts.

Starting in October 2011 and for nine months, the 3 co-founders have met and interviewed young social entrepreneurs who have undertaken amazing projects in their countries.

Back in Brussels, the team has welcomed three new members and is currently working on the post-production: the realization of an academic movie presenting various social entrepreneurs and comparing their business model.

Our missions

1. Inspire the youth.

The GoYoung project wants to promote social entrepreneurship amongst the youth around the world.

By meeting with young (under 30) social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, the GoYoung project will give inspiration to the youth all around the world. These social entrepreneurs are young, creative and ambitious. They present a model for the youth.

This documentary will work on fighting the stereotype that having a social goal prevents any long-term sustainability and profitability. GoYoung will show that both business and social goals can and must co-exist and that commercial and business principles can be applied to solve social problems.

In addition to the young social entrepreneurs they meet, the GoYoung team has interviewed Inspiring Minds in the field of social entrepreneurship. These important and creative thinkers represent a positive model for the youth.

The GoYoung documentary will be a testimony of the success of social entrepreneurship around the world and will pave a path for tomorrow's youth.

2. Provide amazing teaching material.

GoYoung is currently working on the development of a new teaching material based on a thorough analysis of the Business Models developed by the enterprises presented in the documentary.

The idea is to provide teachers with a DVD to support their entrepreneurship classes and with which students can identify.

Teachers will benefit from a sensibly new material composed of short videos in which Social Entrepreneurs themselves present the particularities of their Business Model, as a mean of highlighting concepts such as Cradle to Cradle or Crowd Sourcing that make the success of those Social Ventures. The DVD is aimed to explain in business terms how, driven by the sustainability of their society and the emancipation of the poorest, entrepreneurs manage to develop inventive sources of profits. Not only will students be provided with a quality material that uses their language and frameworks, but they will also get the drive from people like them: young, successful and inspired.

Already teachers from several Business Schools have shared their expertise with our team, expressing specific needs that we took care to answer.

Our approach

After compiling hours of interviews (from September 2011 until July 2012) from young entrepreneurs around the world, the GoYoung team started its post-production. The team has interviewed 45 young social entrepreneurs and each of them has had a tremendous impact on society in different fields, from environment to education and health. With the help of known academics (from the SBS-EM, LSE, HEC Paris, & INSEAD), and working in close collaboration with the Vlerick Business School, the team analyzed the different social enterprises (business & impact wise).

The final product will be an educational tool consisting in an online platform and a DVD containing:

  1. Fifteen short movies (4 to 6 minutes each) introducing 15 social ventures. Each video will follow a consistent format:
    • A detailed description of the social venture business model by the founder, and supplemented by a voice-over.
    • A presentation of a key concept at the origin of the business success.
  2. Fifteen technical notes and in-depth analysed business models describing the presented ventures.

This film will serve the following purposes:

  • an audio-visual aid for entrepreneurship classes
  • a kit offering 15 diversified case studies for professors
  • an inspiration for young people globally

The product will be sold to various universities around the world.