Behind GoYoung project

GoYoung Pauline

Pauline Verhaeghe, 24 - Co-Founder

Pauline has a Bachelor in History, a master in European Studies and a postmaster from the College of Europe in Natolin, Warsaw, Poland. She wrote a thesis on the importance of European cinema in the development of a common european identity. She is currently working on the video editing together with Gaëlle.

Mail: [email protected]

GoYoung Gaelle

Gaëlle Blondeau, 25 - Co-Founder

Gaëlle holds a degree in Social Communication from the Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales. She used to intern for the American startup Livestream and worked on a thesis on the new social medias. Gaëlle is now working as main director of the documentary.

Mail: [email protected]

GoYoung Victoria

Victoria van Lennep, 22 - Co-Founder

Victoria holds a Bachelor and a Master in Economics at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. She wrote a thesis on microfinance for which she won an award for contributing to the development of a positive economy. She started in October 2012 a MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy at the University of Oxford and is currently working on developing partnerships with top Universities and relevant organizations for the GoYoung project.

Mail: [email protected]

GoYoung Charles

Charles-Louis Stinglhamber, 26 - Business Analyst

Charles-Louis has just finished a Master in International Management at IE Business School in Madrid after having gained professional experience as an intern at the UN, in an NGO and in two major banks. He is now working as a Business Analyst, for GoYoung, in charge of analyzing the interviews and companies’ business plans. He also shares his insight on the entrepreneurship business.

Mail: [email protected]

GoYoung Amélie

Amélie de Mévius, 23 - Business Analyst

Amélie holds a Bachelor and a Master degree in Business Engineering at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. She wrote a thesis on governance in family businesses. Amélie works with Charles-Louis on the analysis of the social ventures’ business plans.

Mail: [email protected]

GoYoung Gaëtan

Gaëtan de Briey, 23 - Business Analyst

Gaëtan holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the ICHEC Brussels Management School and is finishing a Master in International Business at the Louvain School of Management (UCL). He joined the team recently and brings his support to Amélie and Charles-Louis on the analytical part. Currently writting his thesis on the challenges of "scaling social impact", he is particularly interested in social entrepreneurship and sustainability issues.

Mail: [email protected]

GoYoung Graziella

Graziella Malou, 25 - Production Assistant

Graziella has studied International Relations at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales in Paris. She has a Bachelor in Political Science, a Master in Sociology and a Certificate in Mediation. She wrote a thesis on the Mediation in conflict resolution. She had a first professional experience as Recruitment Consultant at Robert Walters then as HR Assistant at Schneider Electric. She currently works on different aspects of the Production of the documentary. Graziella assists the team in fundraising, in public relations and community managing as well as in the treasury department.

Mail: [email protected]

GoYoung Foulques

Foulques Couvreur, 26 - Cameraman

Foulques is the cameraman of the GoYoung team. After a bachelor in International business, he launched his own production company, FLS production, and became a freelance cameraman/editor.

Mail: [email protected]

GoYoung Olivier

Olivier Deknop, 26 - Web Developer

Olivier has just finished a Master in Software Engineering at ECAM in Brussels. He wrote a thesis on mobile applications development for the industrial sector. He designed and developed several websites and web applications as a freelancer. He is now working as a Web Developer at Bureau Van Dijk and is helping the GoYoung team to maintain and improve their website.

Mail: [email protected]